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Social Media Platforms: Breaking One Stereotype At A Time

Social Media Platforms: Breaking One Stereotype At A Time

Social Media Platforms have played an important role in breaking one stereotype at a time.

Social Media has been breaking stereotypes over the past few years.  Social Media platforms were used as outlets for people's different stereotypes over the years. A lot of us often ask “How can social media destroy stereotypes brainly” we often ask websites like Brainly. Although the website may give us an answer there is more to it than meets the eye.

In this article, we are going to talk about how social media can destroy stereotypes. Aside from that, we are also going to talk about some of these influencers who have broken the wall of stereotypes in social media?

How can social media destroy stereotypes?

Being able to connect with people with the same goal

One of the ways that social media was able to break several stereotypes is by being able to aggregating people with the same goal. Because of social media’s ability to connect people from different places in the world, they can connect people who have the same feeling when it comes to stereotypes. You will see people comment, share and even like photos, posts, and videos about certain stereotypes. Because of this, it helps strengthen the certain belief that there is something wrong with the stereotype.

Like, Comment and Share

Smm panel Another way that social media was able to break stereotypes is that people can share their thoughts and opinions on certain topics.  They can share some of their ideologies and stand on their stand on stereotypes in terms of gender, gender roles, body image, and other social issues. The more people resonate with their belief, the more popular and the more known the belief would become.

What are the stereotypes that are often judged on Social Media?

Gender Roles

One of the most talked-about stereotypes in social media is gender roles. Because of our patriarchal society, it was always believed that men are superior to women. It was also believed that men should be the provider, and stronger than women.

This stereotype has been out ruled by many men in society. This patriarchal belief has been trashed and junked by many influencers. Men and women are equal beings in society. Both should be able to work and do house chores.

One of the famous influencers that have been talking about Gender stereotypes is Ankush Bahugana.  This influencer has been very open with his belief in gender stereotypes.


Gender is another common stereotype that has been successfully broken by many social media influencers all over the world. Whether we like it or not, there are still tons of countries that remain to be conservative.

However, many members of the LGBTQIA were able to express their freedom to be the person that they want to be. Hence, you can see several influencers who have spoken up about how they came out and encourage people who have been in the closet for years to get out and be themselves.  They believe that having this stereotype broken in social media is a great way. Believe it or not, a lot of people have found comfort in many social media platforms that advocate gender acceptance.

Body Image

Another stereotype that has been the talk of the town is body image. A lot of people have certain illusions of women being pretty if they belong to the model-ish body type. However, there are tons of influencers who have spoken up about their weight and body image.

These plus-size influencers believe that there is nothing wrong with being bigger than others. As long as you are comfortable with your skin, then why worry about dieting and going skinny. Sakshi Sidwani is a plus-size model who has to speak up that there is nothing about being plus-size. With her 150,000 followers, she was able to penetrate this ideology to many of her followers all over the world.

Men’s Fashion and Skincare

These two were considered a taboo in many societies. It is believed that only women are concerned about their faces and body. However, many influencers would swat people for saying that only women are allowed to be concerned with their skin. Tons of Idols and male influencers have openly talked about their skincare routine on the internet.

These influencers, like many K-Pop Idols, have spoken that skincare is another way of taking care of your skin.  In the world of fashion, you can also several influencers and male idols who have explored wearing women’s clothing without thinking that it would affect their masculinity. You can see many male idols wearing skirts, crop tops, and even dresses. They believe that clothes do not hinder who you are.

One of the idols that have started these trends is Big Bang’s G-Dragon and EXO’s Kai.


Another stereotype that most people would often talk about is age. A lot of people would often say, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” However, this is the complete opposite of reality. The elderly can still work, study and be an influencer even if they are in their senior years. Even the elderly can learn new things regardless of their age.

Poonam Sapra  (IG: motherwithsign) is one of the elderly influencers who have been one of the talks of the town. You can follow her Instagram to know more about her message.


To answer the question “How can social media destroy stereotypes brainly”,  social media was able to break the mold of certain stereotypes in society. It can help people all over the world to walk out of their comfort zone.  If you want your social media to be a stereotype breaker, then it is high time that you get a team to help you. SMM Panel is a social media marketing team that has been creating successful social media campaigns for many causes and brands. If you wish to get their service, make sure that you visit their website. This way, your social media platform will be able to touch the hearts of many people all over the world.

An Elaborate Focus On The Good And The Ills Of Social Media Networks

An Elaborate Focus On The Good And The Ills Of Social Media Networks

Using social media might at times give the illusion that only the god exists, whereas in the real sense there are also some evils associated with it. Most business people like it as a business promotion tool, but it is also important to mention that it can distract one from focusing on work or studies. It might also expose children to inappropriate content.

Which of these steps should you take on social media to limit your vulnerability? The above question happens to be one of great concern to most people, and it is important to tackle it in the best way possible. Here smm panel are here for you to help you make the best use of social media to grow your business, and also answer your burning questions. However, we can’t jump to it before highlighting some important details about social media in general.

You and I will probably agree on the point that social media has over the years witnessed tremendous growth, and we are now at a point where it is supporting business growth significantly. The initial point when social media came to the limelight was to facilitate interactions among people, and that includes family and friends. Most people around the globe that have had the privilege to use it admit that it has been of a great and positive impact on their lives. However, they also don't hide the negative impacts in their assertions. It is important to focus on both sides for better decision-making.

The positive impact

It is an outstanding development that we can rely on Social media to communicate with others. Freedom is key, and that manifests at that point where you select the social networking sites that you find ideal to reach out to family and friends. It is also important to consider this sort of freedom where we can publicly share our information with friends without any form of intimidation.

Businesspersons happen to be huge fans of social media networks as well, although a question pops up at some point- Which of these steps should you take on social media to limit your vulnerability? You must look into the possibility of coming up with a large group of people network that will serve your need and aspirations. Most experts will admit that such a move works for persons that need to promote and sell goods and services. The business world has grown very competitive in modern times, with most merchants resorting to various social media channels to promote goods and services. Those that are left behind hardly compete against them because they enjoy an added advantage for the sale of their goods and services. You don't have to be left behind considering that you don't have to spend quite a lot to take advantage of the SM panels and other useful tools you might need to give your business an edge over the rest.

Facebook happens to be one of the best networks any business could turn to, and that is considering the leeway it creates that lets you create a page. The social network’s move should inspire you to develop a page that represents your business the best way. You should be in a position to boost brand awareness by taking advantage of the social platform, and you don’t have to spend a fortune on the undertaking. People that have walked down this road before admit that it is one of the best ways to get your message out there to the target audience, and thus create interest and boost sales.

Focus on vulnerability

Which of these steps should you take on social media to limit your vulnerability? We need to focus on the stipulated question because it is an important one. It is important to consider the various setbacks associated with the various web-based social networks, and then the goal is to ensure that quite minimal harm happens to you and the others. Research has clearly indicated the setbacks and on top of the list s the fact that these social networks can be highly addictive, and thus a distraction from other important activities or businesses of the day. It is a common phenomenon that many people spend a great deal of time on the various networks, and end up paying quite little focus on their jobs. You know better than anyone else how inflation has taken over with a large chunk of people living below a dollar. Why would you want to compromise your job or business for paying too much focus on the various social media channels?

Did you know that too much focus n social media could also cause depression? Most of us aren’t aware of this because we put too much focus on the entertainment aspect and forget about the negatives. Anxiety resulting from the excess dependency on social media is not good for our health because it could even cause us to become sick. Anything that interferes with the brain needs to be scrutinized.

Spending a lot of time on social networks could also lead to the development of sleeping disorders, and that is a fact-based on research. You have probably heard something about cyber-bullying, and you must understand that it isn't a story people made up. It is a reality we continue facing in the modern world, and thus it mattes searching out for lasting solutions, or otherwise to take the necessary precautions. Cyberbullying has caused massive harm to a lot of f people, and be careful not to fall victim to the whole thing.

You might also have heard something about the misuse of identity, which is also closely linked to how criminals still bank details, eventually harming the individual. Vulnerable users are in grave danger because there are so many people out there who want to take advantage of their unsuspecting nature.

The fate of the family institution continues to hand precariously above the dark pit of social media influence. Young children are exposed to extreme content at an early age, and that is something parents need to look at with a keener eye to guard tomorrow's generation. Everyone s on their phone, and thus real relations have been threatened. Relationships are becoming more mechanical, and the impacts might be dire to all of us if we don't lookout for ways to mitigate the issues.

How do we resolve the matter?

Which of these steps should you take on social media to limit your vulnerability? it is time to answer the question of great concern, and that is considering at all of us probably wish to limit our vulnerability. The steps are easier than you ever imagined, it is only that w don’t look close enough.

Firstly, we must limit our personal information the best way we can.

The second is that we need to try as much as possible to stop the habit of oversharing your personal details. Some of us fall into this trap of over-sharing our real names, and that could be dangerous.

Thirdly, normalize the use of strong passwords and also get to control comments.


We hope you have had quite a lot to learn from this elaborate piece. As you have witnessed, social media has a good side and the bad one as well. We think it is normal because everything has its light and dark side on this planet. It is important to take advantage f the good, and limit the ills from impacting you negatively at all costs. For example, take a look at how many businesses have grown to the highest levels for dependency on social media marketing. You can also consider the formation of great relations and new connections that social platforms such as Facebook have brought about. You just need to do the right thing!

How To pin A Comment On Instagram - The Ultimate Guide!

How To pin A Comment On Instagram - The Ultimate Guide!

After posting on your Instagram account and gotten several comments, you may want to pin some comments. Pinning comments helps to keep them on top of the other comment. That makes pinned comments easier to be seen by the people liking or commenting on the post. That is especially useful for Instagram posts with many comments, such as photos and videos. Pinning also makes it easier for people to find the comment, as it appears on top of the other comments.

Steps to pin comment:

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to pin a comment on Instagram.

Step 1. Open your Instagram app

Step 2. Go to the post with the comment you want to pin

Step 3. Tap and hold on to the comment you want to pin

Step 4. Tap "Pin" next to the comment field

Step 5. Tha 's all! You can now see the comment pinned in the top of your feed

How Many Comments Can You Pin Per Instagram Post?

The number of comments that can be pinned on Instagram varies from post o post. There is a limit on how many comments you can pin p r post. The maximum number of comments you can pin is 3 p r post.

How to Unpin a Comment?

After posting a comment on your Instagram account, it is possible that someone removes it by unpin ing it. When someone unpins a comment from your feed, it will once again be available for all to see a d read. To unpin, a comment, tap and hold on to the comment in question and then tap "unpin" next to the commen field. This will remove the pinned comment from your feed and return it back to normal for all other users to view again. With the help of best smm panel you will get all the details regarding it.

When to pin a particular comment?

There are several situations that may make you pin specific c mments. Those cases include:

when you want a specific comment to appear on the top

If you want a certain comment to remain on the top of the other comments, you may consider pin ing it. That is because all the pinned comments will appear on top of the other comments.

Pin a comment for better readability on Instagram

Pinning a comment is essential to make it easier for people to read your post and to understand what's g ing on. That will make it easier for people to see the comments in your post and also keep your post from getting cluttered with too many comments.

When the comment is special

the other case when it is essential to pin the comment is when the comment is pecial. For instance, you may like a certain complement from another user and want to pin it. The comment is special if it goes with the post in a good way and makes the post even more interesting to read.

When you don't want to hear from the person

Another situation that may make you pin a comment is when you don't want to hear from the person. If you have a negative comment about your post, for instance, then pinning it will make it less likely for other users to see it. Pinning a comment that is not exactly what you like will also prevent someone else from liking or commenting on it, as well as making sure that they won't see your post altogether.


The ultimate guide to pinning comments on Instagram is a step-by-step guide of how to pin comments on In tagram. It is a very useful tool for people who are very active in their Instagram account, and want to keep their comments pinned. It also helps people who want to read the comments, but don't want to scroll through the entire post.


Guide On How To Hack Instagram Account In A Few Steps

Guide On How To Hack Instagram Account In A Few Steps

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on how to hack an Instagram account? Then it would help if you relaxed since we are here for you. Hacking any social media account does not happen automatically. It would help if you learned all the right tricks to help you out. Many have tried, but only a few succeed. In this piece, we shall discuss a guide on how to hack an Instagram account in a few steps.

What do we mean by hacking an Instagram account?

Hacking an Instagram account means that you will access another person’s account. You can only do this if you have their password. That is how hacking works in general, but there are some other ways to hack an Instagram account. In this article, we will discuss different hacks and tricks on hacking an Instagram account. We will also show you how to hack any social media account with a few steps. To know more about how to view private instagram profiles, visit on hyperlinked site.

Ways to hack an Instagram Account?

There are a few ways you can hack someone’s Instagram account. The easiest ways do not include any coding. You are only required to know the username of the account you want to hack. Getting the username of Instagram is very simple since you only need to read it from the profile. Those ways include;

Method 1. Use keylogger apps

If you are a computer geek, you can use . These apps do not require any hacking, but the software will log all the keystrokes. That is very helpful in hacking Instagram account because all your keystrokes will be captured and stored on the computer. Once you have everything recorded, it is only a matter of time before you hack the account. Below are the two main keylogger apps you need to use.

Mspy application

you need to purchase this app to help you hack an Instagram account. You can use this app to hack any Instagram account, but you need to set it up first. This app is relatively easy to use, and the instructions are easy to understand.


That is another app that can help you hack someone’s Instagram account easily. You need to install this app on the person’s device, and the app will send you all the details you need. You can also use this app to see the account’s password, but you need to access the device first.