How to Turn Off Likes on Instagram

Connecting to people is one of the best things you can do in your life.  And since it would be difficult to be with a crowd or even visit a friend during this Covid 19 Pandemic, social networking sites has been some of the great tools to maintain the connection with people.  As you have observed, people cannot go out of the house but still, others have updates on what they are doing. That is because all of their personal activities are posted on their social media accounts. This is how social networking site is considered one of the most important uses of the internet.

The most popular platform is Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram where you can see that almost all people have an account. All personalities and almost all people of all walks of life have social media accounts from the mentioned platforms.


All about Instagram

Now, let’s focus our discussion on Instagram.  What is it and how one can enjoy such a platform?

Instagram is a social media platform that emphasizes the sharing of photos and videos. It’s a mobile app though one can also open it on a desktop with limited features.  If you have an account set as public, you can edit and publish content for your followers. The users of Instagram can interact with your post.  They can comment, like, share and even save your content. Do you know more about why am i losing followers on instagram? Go with this hyperlinked site.

Alright, let’s move on to signing up on Instagram. You can actually open an Instagram on a desktop but most users prefer mobile apps because of the many features you can enjoy.  The latter one has limited features. So, if you also want the mobile app, just install Instagram from Google Playstore and create an account.  Using your mobile phone or email, create an account and set up your profile.  You can also sign up with Facebook as an alternative.  After that, you can upload your profile pic and there you go! You are ready for your first content on Instagram.

How to Turn off Likes on Instagram

I think everyone knows this.  You can hit like to other posts of users, make comments and reaction to their content.

In the same manner, others who are also following you can like, comment, and react to your posts.  You will be notified whenever there are likes and comments on your post.

Here’s what:  there are people who tend to get annoyed with notifications.  It seemed to be unimportant to them.  Good thing there’s a solution for that! Do you know how to turn off Likes on Instagram? Because if you have this knowledge, you will surely get annoyed with notifications.  So, how do you turn off likes on Instagram? Take a look at this!

First, open the Instagram app on your phone.  Proceed to the settings.  On your profile, just click the hamburger menu on the top right-hand corner. You will see a pop-up menu on “Settings”.  Tap notifications.  Change the notification settings on the following categories depending on your choice:

And since you are planning to turn off the Likes, choose Likes. 

Advantages of Turning off Likes on Instagram

Some users would love to have lots of Likes however there are also those who want to be discreet when it comes to notifications.  Some people would say that noticing your likes in your content lessens the opportunity for unhealthy social comparison.  Well, there’s nothing wrong with comparing yourself to others, but if you feel that you are already frustrated with the ways of comparing yourself, that’s unhealthy anymore.  Turning your likes off will be healthier.

If you want to experience a joyful and more authentic posting, try to turn off your likes on Instagram.  That way, you’ll be more focused on creating content that you feel is good.  You will now think and expect any reaction from others, just purely expressing yourself without expecting a return from others. 

It also improves online interaction with other users.  Instead of counting likes, the comments and feedbacks about your content are more valuable.  It encourages more discussion and interaction with other users.  Also, you get more concrete feedback from reactors and viewers of your content which could be one of the helpful bases for improvement.

Instagram too may also have an auto which is paid by the owner.  The likes are then become useless since they do not come naturally from reactors.