How Many Views To Go Viral On Tiktok

Many creators are confused that how many views is necessary to go viral on TikTok, and provides tips on how to increase the chances of going viral.


To be successful, it’s important to understand that going viral requires more than just viewing your video; it requires getting your video seen by a much larger audience. Feel free to call smmpanel to know more.

How to Make a Video Go Viral (with 5 Easy Tips) - Animoto 

To increase the chances of becoming famous on TikTok, you should,

·         Highlight your video on your page and share it with new users.

·         Moreover, you can use hashtags and get quick views from people who are interested in similar content.

·         Engaging with other TikTok users can help to attract new visitors to your page which will help increase the number of views.

·         Generally, going viral requires more than 300 people viewing your video but this number can vary depending on the size of your audience and how many come views you receive.


To go viral on TikTok your video must be shared and have a greater reach than just its initial target audience group. As the video is spread, more users are exposed to it and the number of views increases exponentially. The goal is to reach several million views and for your video to be seen by millions of people.


What creators should do to increase the chances of going viral?

·         Creators should recreate videos that were popular with their original target audience group or create videos that address current trends.

·         This will help them reach viewers beyond their account’s current followers which could result in higher views and more exposure for the posted creator.

·         A TikTokvideo typically needs to have at least 20,000 views.

·         However, it takes more than that to reach millions of viewers. For example, some known TikTokers have been able to take their videos to millions of views in less than an hour. To increase your chances of going viral on TikTok, post multiple times throughout the day and use hashtags and sounds that are popular with the general population.

·         Liking and commenting on other videos may also help stop people from scrolling past yours and give you a higher chance of going viral. However, it can take tens or even hundreds of thousands of views for a video to go viral in one day.


Which Video Is Considered To Be Viral?

Generally, for a video to be considered 'viral' it needs to have at least 500,000 views. But on average, videos need to have 50,000 views before they are considered viral. Reaching your video out to 1 million views is very hard but not impossible. For TikTok videos,

·         Getting 100 views is usually the first step in reaching viral status.

·         After that, you need to make sure people watch the video and increase the likes and views count.

·         Additionally, you can use other social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube to promote your TikTok videos and give them more exposure. This will help your video reach its maximum potential and get more organic traffic from viewers who don't follow you yet.

·         When considering your video for viral status it’s important to look at likes & views per post as well as new followers & engagement rate (number of likes divided by number of views).

·         Aim for at least 4% of likes per 100 views for a healthy flow of new followers & a steady increase in status.