Why Am I Losing Followers On Instagram?

Why Am I Losing Followers On Instagram?

If you are not new to Instagram, you would know that Instagram is a place to get lots of followers who view different contents and updates you put on your profile.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to leverage on its platform and build a name or a brand for yourself. With Instagram, you can connect to different kinds of people you would not have known personally, network with them, and get new opportunities knocking at your door.

Getting primesmm instagram followers is as important as anything else because it determines how many people you would be able to reach and connect to. A wide number of followers on Instagram gives you a popularity status and makes your picture or video content go viral.

How Important Are Instagram followers

Imagine having a business without any customer base that can purchase the goods and services you provide. It’s going to be a low turnout on sales you might make if you indeed make one! Instagram followers are like your digital customers. They are your fan base, the reason why you put up content daily, the reason why you post those amazing pictures and videos.

Without a good amount of Instagram followers, your online content might not reach a large number of people, and your impact on this social media space will be greatly reduced! It’s just like basic math, the more followers you can get, the more you become very popular and your content becomes widespread.

Why Do I Lose Followers on Instagram

There are various ways by which you can get followers on your Instagram account. Not following these steps consistently will get you to lose more followers than you already have and will reduce the popularity of your account in due time.

        Lack of compelling content

Creativity is key. In this social media space, the kind of content you create goes a long way to boost your profile and brand and is a major influencer in getting new content. If you don’t engage your followers with good content and write-ups, it can drastically reduce the number of people that will continue to follow you.

•        You don’t follow back

Most Instagram users have the mindset that if they follow you, you are meant to follow them back. When you are unable to follow back due to some reason or another, they tend not to follow you again. This is one of the reasons why might be losing followers on Instagram.

•        Spamming

If your account is used to pass out false and untrue information, there is every tendency that you would lose your followers and might be reported to Instagram's security feature for proper sanctioning.

•        Wrong Hashtags

As simple as it might sound, the wrong hashtags are the reasons why you might lose some Instagram followers. Know when to use hashtags and how to use them.

•        Leave of Absence

Staying away from Instagram for a long time can cause a lot of people to unfollow you. When you do not post frequently, you lose your customer base, as most people tend to go with what is trending!